Thursday, 23 September 2010

Barry M Nail Polish Collection...

Hey Honeypies!! :D

I have found that Barry M is getting to be a little bit of a cult brand over here in the UK, especially considering they don't stock them in the US. I love them because they are inexpensive, generally a good formulation, chip resistant and they have a CRAZY colour selection. Always a little pick me up at the end of a long day:)

I could say I have jumped on the Nail Paint band wagon, however, i have been accumulating these nail polishes since i was around 11. Maybe i have just continued the trend? Who knows? :)

I haven't managed to include all of the shades as i recently bought 2 new polishes, although they should be found in my holiday post!!!

Its not a very large collection, (i even have some of the oldschool taller bottles) but its one I always return to time after time...

Clockwise from Left:66,47,161,291,295(Turquoise),290,137,134x2:P,136,150,262 and 296(Coral)

The ones i recently bought are 308(Berry Ice Cream) and 304(Mint Green)

I must say, i am very glad they have started to name them, as writing all those numbers down wasn't very interesting lol:)

If you would like to see any swatches let me know and I'll do a NOTD post.
Also if you would like to see the rest of my collection I can do that to :D

Have you bought any Barry M Nail Paints recently?
Have you bought any Nail Polish in general?
Leave a Comment below.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I Joined Twitter!! + NOTD :)

It has taken me a very long time, however I have finally joined the (and i quote) 'Social Networking Site Everyone is Raving About'. Now I know its been around for ages and your probably sat there going 'What the hell is that girl on about?' but after lots of umming and ahhing i decided that, Yes i will get addicted to it, but No that's OK because it means I can keep all you lovely people updated on up and coming blog posts etc :)

Here's the part where i get really sad and lonely...

Nobody i know has twitter, deary me...

I have no idea how to use it, what to do or what is 'cool' :') so follow me follow me follow me lalalala... or equally leave your addresses in the comments and ill check out your twitter? That's sounds so odd:L

Anyhoooo, if you haven't been completely put off by all the things i just wrote, then it would be lovely to know what you all think, any suggestions for blog posts, as i plan to get really into blogging now i have a lot more time on my hands:)

Enough Rambling, onto NOTD ...

So I was sat watching The Simpsons earlier on this evening, and took it upon myself to paint my nails a lovely shade of Green, OPI Jade is the New Black to be precise, so i suppose you could say a shade of Jade? Hmmm

I also decided to 'live a little' (insert sheepish face) and paint over the top of this with the deliciously glittery 'Call my celery' by OPI. An adorable name i must say.
Here are the pictures, I'm not sure you can see the glitter too well but you get the idea.:)

Do you like my Little Miss Neat coaster peaking out from the right:P

This Colour is truly gorgeous and goes on really well in two coats, no streaks. Although I'm a bit of a scrooge and we are many months away from Christmas the little gold flecks in the glitter are very very Christmassy:) Hot Chocolate time I think...