Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Dreaded Annual Family Fortnight...

Now I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous that im complaining about going on holiday, but MY GOD, just a couple of days with my family and im going crazy!!. Anyhoooo, i got through it :P the scenery was beautiful and the sea made it worth while. I feel so much fitter now im back and have continued with my daily swimming sessions at the leisure centre (although its a far cry from beautiful blue sea). I also managed to pick up a few things while i was there.
Beautiful view from our Villa
My new friend Mr Tortoise
Another fabulous villa view :)
I got lots of lovely new things including a gorgeous new perfume :) Its certainly my favourite.
MAC Eyeshadow in Silver Ring
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Softlips lip balm in Rasberry
Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci Perfume
2 Necklaces, 2 Bracelets from a market in Mostar.
and the AMAZING Button Bracelet also from a market stall :)

I hope you enjoyed my purchases:P
Any questions let me know, ill be doing a review on the perfume pretty soon.

Have you bought anything on holiday recently?
Or even just been on holiday?


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Present Time!!, Birthday Shopping Haul and Update :)

It was my Birthday a few weeks ago (nearly a month now) on the 17th July and i am officially 17 :) I had a nice big party in my garden with all my friends and received lots of lovely pressies, my friends know me so well!! I was going to put up a post on my Birthday however that plan disappeared rather quickly after a very hyped up birthday girl and a few drinks :D

I have also just returned from a 2 week holiday in Croatia with my family, it was a rather stressful affair, (crazy I know!!) however i am back home feeling fitter and with a rather lovely tan which seems to have transformed my skin from something resembling milk to a nice honey glow!! I did use factor 30 suncream as im not a big fan of sunbathing, besides, suncream makes you tan rather than burn and its a million times safer. I can't say I understand why some people don't use it!! Anyone care to enlighten me?

The shops on holiday were virtually non existent (although the scenery made up for it) so i wasn't too pleased about that, although i certainly took advantage of the Duty Free at Gatwick airport. Not bad at all!!!

Here are my lovely jubbly birthday presents :)...

This is from the Alice In Wonderland collection at Culture Vulture :)


I have this in 3 colours, i may be obsessed :P
Totally got a Periodic Table :P

I then headed on into Leeds today to spend my Birthday money. I also decided to take a leap and get my ears pierced!!! LMAO I know that sounds ridiculous but its taken me 7 years to pluck up the courage so i am very proud of myself .My did i have fun  :D...

Novelty Stickers-Paperchase
Eye Make-up remover- No7
Alice in Wonderland Novel- Waterstones
Necklace- Claires
Brush Cleanser- MAC
Purple Eyeshadow- MAC
Lipbalm- Burts Bees
Duo Fibre Brush- GOSH
Nail Varnish (Mint and Lavender)- Barry M
Green Concealer- GOSH
Copper Waterproof Eyeshadow-GOSH 

What have you bought recently?