Monday, 16 May 2011

Battle of the Hot Cloth Cleansers

Hello Lovelies,

Today's post is about Hot Cloth cleansers, two in particular. One being my beloved 'Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish', the second being 'The Sanctuary Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser'.

I bought Liz Earle on a whim a few months ago now, after seeing it hyped up on blog posts all over the web. The hype was absolutely right as I loved it. It is probably the best cleanser I have ever tried and it lasted me 2 whole months. Which to me justifies the £11 price tag. 
As you may have noticed, I am talking in the past tense. That is because my lovely lovely cleanser ran out a few weeks ago.
I must say, it looked rather disheveled when I threw it away having been dropped a fair few times *whoops* ;)

I tootled into town pretty soon after this tragic event to do some shopping and repurchase. Cutting to the chase, I had a £5 boots voucher and ended up picking up The Sanctuary one instead. Although it retails at the same price, I only paid £6. I felt rather proud of myself for resisting Liz Earle.

So, was it worth it?

In short, no:( While they are both the same price Liz Earle is much gentler on the skin with a divine smell and can be used to remove eye makeup too.
The Sanctuary version is much harsher on the skin, cannot be used 'intentionally' on the eye area, and frankly smells rather foul. It isn't the worst cleanser I've tried and it cleans my skin well but in comparison a BIG disappointment. Especially considering I love The Sanctuary skin care as a brand.

The only reason I will let myself off for this purchase is that I was trying to save money :P
It may just be me that doesn't like the smell so who knows. Although, considering it normally retails at the same price, there is no competition.
Liz Earle for me every time.
Now I just have to save up to get a new bottle :')

Have you tried this cleanser?
Do you feel the same or am I being a tad harsh?

Much Love

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Scrub a' Dub Dub

Hello Lovelies,

Taking an unusual break from my rather grueling revision scheme to write a few blog posts, (I may have also done this last night whilst watching Eurovision :P )
Did any of you watch Eurovision? I was rooting for Moldova but alas to no avail. Loved the crazy hats though, I should try and start a fashion trend of cone hats at my 6thform. It would go down so well :D

Anyway, back on to today's topic. SCRUB!
The one in question being Soap & Glory's wonderful  'The Scrub of Your Life'.

The names sucker me in every time *sigh*.

This scrub not only smells divine (like their righteous body butter) it is also non greasy, so is brilliant before shaving. My pet peeve with scrubs is when you get your legs all lovely and buffed then the residue clogs up your brand new razor, graphic but true. (I'm pointing at you Flake Away :@) This one doesn't do that, yet still has the same buffing effects of things such as Lush's 'Buffy' and other slightly greasier exfoliators. I don't always need to moisturise after either, although I normally do out of habit.

All in all a wonderful product, it doesn't even hurt my sensitive skin.
It is currently on offer at Boots for £4.43 too. Bargain!

Lovely Jubbly.:)

Have you tried this scrub?
Or even had the same problem with others as I have?

Much Love

Sumptuous Satsuma

Hello Lovelies,

A rather exciting post for me today :) Like many beauty bloggers I LOVE The Body Shop Body Butters. So many yummy scents and a thick creamy consistency that feels luxurious on the skin.
So imagine my sheer delight when my Mum came home with this.

Yes, you are seeing the size correctly, here it is next to a baby one. (think recent Marie Claire giveaway size) I have personally never seen this size on sale before.

There is a whopping 400ml in this baby. Thats twice the yumminess. She also mentioned that she bought it for £12 which is 50p less than the regular sized product. Craziness. Apparently they were having a clearance sale in The Body Shop and not all the scents were available. Yet I am very happy with this one. Its citrusy and smells heavenly.
I'm not sure if this offer is still going on, but just in case there are any left I thought I'd share. In case you want to go on a Body Butter hunt.

I must say, I am a very Happy Bunny :D

Much Love

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Name Change!! :D

This is a really quick post but just to let you all know I'm changing the name of my blog :)
It's still me, just a different name.

Much Love

Benefit Bargain

Hello Lovelies,

I popped into Leeds City Centre today for a few essentials and maybe a few treats as well :P. All in all it was a pretty disastrous trip. However, before everything started to go a little down hill (more info on that another time) I did manage to pick up this little bargain...

Benefit Powder Pop! Travel Set.

 I was in Boots, mooching around the Benefit counter, it was lovely and quiet so the lady at the counter started chatting to me. I was in a relatively good mood so I had a little chat back (she was rather friendly) when she mentioned this. 
 I must admit, it did catch my eye :P. 3 blushes in one little box, what's not to like. I was just about to dismiss it, thinking 'you cannot spend more money on make up Lucy' when she mentioned the price. £15!!!! 
 I was shocked, I was expecting it to be around £30. Benefit is an expensive company as it is, plus the individual box powders retail at around £23 so I though it would be at least that much. To my cosmetic obsessed mind, this is a serious bargain :D
Apparently it was released at Christmas in a gift set and has been rereleased for the Summer as a travel set, at a lower price. Not sure how accurate that is but thats what I remember her saying :)

Anyway, enough of the ramble :)

The three powders it comes with are:

Coralista, a lovely coral (obviously) blush with a hint of shimmer, a gorgeous colour and my first coral blush. Very excited to try this one out.

Dandelion, a pale shimmery pink blush/highlighter. You can never go wrong with a subtle pink blush in my opinion :P

Dallas, A lovely light bronzer. My very first bronzer :O so i will let you know how I get on with this. I may be converted, or i may just stick to the old 'English Rose' look.

It also comes with a surprisingly soft and rather adorable little brush:)

So cute :D

Apparently they sell out quickly so snap it up while you can ;). Plus if you got to boots its extra points on your card. Everyone's a winner.

Much Love