Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award.

Hello Lovelies,

The wonderful TbateBeauty over at has nominated me for the versatile blogger award. I  love to hear from people that read my blog, so when she told me that she had nominated me I was so pleased. Especially as I do try my best to keep my blog interesting!

The Rules
1.Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2.Let them know that you have nominated them.
3.Share 7 random facts about yourself.
 4.Thank the bloggers that have nominated you. 
5.Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

Random Facts
1. I came second in a LEGO competition when I was 5. (cool I know;)
2.I drink way too many cups of tea.
3.I'm living with 5 boys next year.
4.I love flowers but hate hayfever.
5.Autumn is my favourite Season.
6.I have an obsession with cute little mushroom things.
7.I hate Marmite, my boyfriend loves it (always the way!)

Much Love 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A One Minute Miracle.

Hello Lovelies,

As you may have noticed, a culmination of Uni revision and a lack of blogging motivation has left my little corner of the Internet looking a little unloved of late. It may have been a lack of inspiring new things to talk about or just sheer laziness :P 

Never the less, I have discovered an exciting new product (well for me at least) that is definitely worth sharing!

Ever since I started painting my nails, which sadly also includes nail polish remover, nail files etc. my hands and nails have become very dry. Add this to the unpredictable British weather and I was heading for hand hell! ( ever so dramatic ;)

I carry moisturiser everywhere with me and try to keep it in check however, every now and again it just isn't enough.

That's where this comes in!

It is the L'Occitane One minute hand scrub. First of all, it is bloody amazing, so technically you could stop reading here! I will carry on with some detail though, for those of you that are sensible and don't impulse buy, unlike me! 

What the box says: The One minute hand scrub has been formulated to reveal incredibly soft hands in 1 minute.
It's bi-phase formula consists of a phase of organic brown exfoliating sugar to gently scrub and eliminate dead skin cells, and of an oily phase(shea, sweet almond and grapeseed oils) to help soften and nourish hands.

And my oh my does it! This is the most moisturising scrub I have ever used. Now I'm not sure if I have ever used a scrub specifically for hands before, but I have used others instead (such as the soap and glory breakfast scrub.) This one is the best by far, it smells divine, very similar to the L'Occitane shea hand cream. It settles into two layers, the scrub at the bottom and a layer of moisturising oils at the top. There is a tiny spatula that you use to mix the two together before applying a small amount to the hands.
When I rubbed this into my hands (do it over a sink not a carpet, I learnt the hard way...) I instantly felt how wonderfully luxurious it is as the oils sank into my skin. The sugar is rough enough to get rid of dry patches yet not too harsh that your skin is left feeling sore. 
You can rinse it off straight away after scrubbing, although I like to leave it on for another minute or so, to let  as much oil soak in as possible.
Once I rinsed the product off, my hands were soft as a babies bum!
I didn't even need moisturiser.*shock horror*
I bought mine as part of a set that also included the full size shea hand cream.
It cost me £25 ( I bought it in store) which may seem steep but it has already a lasted a good few months (with many more left!)
You can buy the set for £29.76 (probably for a limited time) here, or you can buy it individually for £13 here.
Now I wouldn't have purchased this if it hadn't been in a set, as it is something I tend to overlook. I am glad I did though, as I will almost certainly repurchase this when mine runs out!

A fantastic product that I couldn't recommend enough.
Let me know if you have tried it.
Much Love