Thursday, 31 March 2011

Emma's Apothecary

Hello Lovelies :)

Now being a bit of a Nerdy Scientist in the making ( I want to study Biochemistry at Uni next year.) Anything with the word Apothecary gets me all excited. It's like Chemistry and really awesome little compartments and organisation all rolled into one  I know, I'm weird aren't I? :D

So you can imagine my delight when my Mum brought back these lovely goodies for me, from Emma's Apothecary in Skipton. 

Two Bath bombs and Some bath fizzys :D
They are so beautifully packaged and smell so yummy I can't bare to open them yet. I will let you know when I do:P but for now they are sat looking very pretty in my room.

I immediately went on there website to check out what the shop looks like and oh my golly gosh do I want to go there :')

I have used this picture from their website so it belongs to Emma's Apothecary (and hopefully I won't get into any copyright trouble...)

You can purchase these wonderful smelling delights online at Emma's Apothecary or in store at Skipton. I think I'm going to drag my mum for a day out there so I can visit the shop in person :D

If you've visited this store, did you pick anything up?
Have you bought any lovely bath treats recently?

Much Love


  1. what a lovely store! the layout is cozy and warm!

  2. Aww so nice place!!

  3. Lovely goodies, let us know what there like when you use them. I'm going to check out their website now. xx

  4. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! i love your blog!


  5. ooh this looks like such a quite little store :)
    i get most of bath bits from bomb cosmetics but I'll definately be checking this store out!! x

  6. That place looks lovely! They look like products you might find at Lush...but this place is MUCH prettier.

  7. Beautiful!
    have a lovely weekend!

  8. I recently moved to my new blog I just want to thank you for the kind comments you've posted to my old blog, I hope you'll subscribe to my new blog, xo miki of chicstylista

  9. Your mom got you some fun stuff!:D The store looks cute and interesting.:D

    ***** Marie *****