Monday, 4 July 2011

June Favourites

Hello Lovelies,

Well its been a while, but I have FINALLY finished my A-levels. *Lets out little scream of happiness*. I cannot even begin to describe how stressy the last 3 months of revision have been. 
Hey Ho!! It's all over now and I am back on the blogging bandwagon :)

So jumping straight into it, these are my June favourites.

I must say, during June the only time I saw daylight was the car journey to my exams. I have been holed up in my house for literally a month. As a consequence of this, very little thought was put into my appearance. Just a warning, very basic beauty products coming up. All you 'Must where make-up everyday' types, look away now...

June Favourites

Now for the list :) :

First and foremost is the fabulous 'wonder product' Germolene. I literally rely on this stuff. It works on chapped lips, spots and rashes. All of which seem to occur when one is under stress :') Now I am one of those lucky people that doesn't break out very often. However, when I do, a dab of this and away it goes. Just a great all round product. (It also numbs painful 'just emerging' spots that can drive you mad when sat still for 10 hours)

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub and Face Primer. This range is fantastic, I got them free as part of a deal a while back and I'm glad I did. They are not something I would think to purchase, but they really do the trick. They give a lovely glow to the skin and my foundation has never gone on smoother. Also smell yummy and orangey.

Garnier Eye Roll On. I have this in the lightest shade. In a nutshell it's fantastic. Does everything it says it will and more. I can sometimes skip the foundation.:)

Simple Facial Wipes. For days when I can't skip the foundation. Gentle, Cheap and remove all traces of make-up.

Maybelline One by One Mascara. Lovely and natural with one coat, yet can be built up for a more dramatic effect. This is competing with my Loreal Telescopic. Not quite there yet though :P

Montagne Jeunesse Facemasks. I love these, they're relatively cheap, you get a lot of product and they all smell delicious. I have also never had a reaction to them (even the more abrasive ones) which is rare due to my temperamental skin.

Last but not least,

Magazines. I finished my exams on the 24th of June and literally bought a pile of magazines that evening. I have had to stop myself from buying any extras other than my Glamour subscription as I am very easily distracted. It was lovely to catch up on all the Fashion and Beauty news :D

Phew!! Long Post.
If you have made it this far thank you for sticking it out!!
What have you been loving for the month of June?
Lots of Love


  1. I have the green Garnier roll-on, it's amazing! :)

  2. I also love the Vit.C range products of Bodyshop!

  3. I love the Garnier eye roll on. =)

  4. Congratulations on finishing! I'm off to buy germolene. x hivenn

  5. bet your glad your exams are over x

  6. amazing june favorites! i bought some magazines after exams too!

  7. good luck with your exam results... I lovelovelove this june favourites list. You basically summed up the can not live without essentials in one post ahahha xxx <3 :))

  8. Really love the one by one mascara! Good luck in your exam results I have my AS results in a few weeks eeeek! xx

  9. Nice buys and look at all those magazines!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. Aww well done for finishing, A levels were such a nightmare! Good luck with the results, it must have felt so awesome to kick back and read those mags after all that revision and exams!