Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NARS Orgasm

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday, I went out and made a very exciting purchase - my very first Nars item!
That's right, I lost my Nars virginity. Which is fairly ironic as many of the product names are rather rude!

I went into Space NK to have a mosey around and ended up leaving with their Orgasm blush and £21 less well off... It was totally worth it though;)

With Flash
Without Flash

I'm wearing it today and it is the most gorgeous subtle pinky peach with golden shimmer. It lifts and highlights the face in one.
When I first swatched it in the shop it looked terrifyingly sparkly, then the make up artist applied it to my cheeks with a brush and it looked so much better. Apparently when you use your fingers to apply it, it picks up much more shimmer than a brush. So there you go, you learn a new thing everyday!

Have you purchased any products from Nars?
Which are your favourites?
Much Love


  1. I love NARS :) I have 5 products from this brand, one of those are this blush. I love how pretty it is, so happy you decided to pick it up for yourself :)

    1. Ooo what products are they? :)
      It is a gorgeous blush,


  2. Love photos - I love this blush and agree it really does light up the whole face! :)

    Nic x

  3. Ive never owned this blush but i have the multiple stick in orgasm and its a gorgeous colour, looks great in summer! i love nars! x

  4. Nars - Orgasm is on my wishlist!
    Check out Douceur blush when you are next at spaceNK.. absolutely gorgeous.
    Really helps to sculpts the face.

  5. I should definitely check that out! It's such a gorgeous shade!

  6. I bought the cream version of this and wasn't too impressed - it was more like pure glitter! The colour of this looks great though and thank you for the tip about applying with a brush! I may be purchasing this very soon! x

  7. This made me very jealous! I want this blush sooooooo bad, i just haven't find a store that ships Nars to Belgium. Accept for Asos but I have a bad history with them so that's not gonna happen! ;)