Sunday, 30 May 2010

My Foundation Routine :) ( Queue sans make-up picture :S)

Sooo I thought I'd do a 'My Foundation Routine' Post and get the whole, picture of myself without make-up fiasco out of the way.
Now luckily for me, my skin is pretty clear at the moment but I still have rather a lot of blemishes. Camera flash is actually rather forgiving :)
Anyway Ive been doing this foundation routine for quite a while now and its working just fine and dandy :)
Ill go through step my step what i do (although it isn't a lot) and I've also inserted a picture of the products used. Enjoy. :)
(Insert scary picture here)
Yup, no makeup and very surprised expression!!!
Ok so...
Step 1 - Prime with GOSH cosmetics Velvet Touch Foundation Primer in 'Apricot' (Forgot to take a picture :(.) I use my fingers for this as it means only a small amount is needed and I'm talking half a pea size, then I blend it out from my nose to my cheeks and add the remainder to my chin. It helps to fill in large pores and even out skin tone. The apricot colour also gives a soft glow which was sadly lost with the flash however it still leaves the skin nice and dewy.

Step 2 - Foundation, I am currently using Loreal True Match in 'Ivory' (Of Course) as it has a very light texture for Summer and blends well. I may have to go up a couple of shades after my hols however, for now, Ivory suits me fine :). I apply small dots to my nose, cheeks. chin and forehead, then blend out using a Ruby and Millie Foundation Brush.

Step 3 - Concealer, My favourite concealer of the moment is MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC15 it is thick enough to cover blemishes and under eye circles (when used sparingly) without creasing. I apply using a MAC 195 concealer brush and blend. Note: when concealing under eyes, dont go below the dark area or you will lighten the 'good' skin underneath meaning the dark circles (although concealed) still look darker in comparison. Make any sense? :D 

Step 4 - Finally I use a dab of MACs Prep +Prime Eye in 'Light' over my eyelids to conceal any redness. (If your eyes are red, you will look tired, End Of. :P) I then make sure there is no foundation left on my lips and add a coat of Softlips lip balm in French Vanilla.

Step 5 - Eat Breakfast :D

Lovely Jubbly all ready for Blush and Eye Make-up :D
Apologies for the bashful looks!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your foundation routine.:D Works well for you, I can see.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. aha thankyou very much :)