Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Little (Hair)Pick Me Up.

Hello Lovelies,

Today I decided to do a review on 3 dry shampoos I have been using recently, Tony and Guy, Lee Stafford and Batiste. I like all 3 of them but decided to put them all up against each other to see which was best!!
Here's what I thought...

Firstly, I must let you know, I'm the kind of person that washes her hair every single day (with Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner) but there are some days where I just don't have the time or can't be bothered:P. I also use this if I'm going for an up-do to give my hair a bit of texture. All this means, is that these tests are based on slightly oily hair, not hair that hasn't been washed for a week, so the effects may be different if you tend to get very oily hair.

1. Lee Stafford, Poker Straight for Oily Roots. 

This particular product is quite new to me as my mum bought it for me as part of a set for Christmas. I have used it a few times since and can honestly say it smells lovely. It has the scent of the majority of the Lee Stafford styling products ( think Poker Straight Flat Iron protection mist) if your familiar with them. I love it for this reason alone. It is a pleasant, sweet, fruity smell. 

The back of the can says ''Spray from about 16cm onto the root area that needs revitalising then vigorously rub away the powder with your fingers... girl you are ready to go without having to blow''

The latter made me howl with laughter :') Pure Cheese.

When sprayed directly onto my dark hair, this leaves no white/grey residue which is always a bonus and leaves it feeling very refreshed and not greasy at all. The scent also lingers for a good few hours after.

The only downside to this is if you don't like having texture in your hair, as it leaves a subtle matte feel.

I looked up the price on the Boots website, as I received this as a gift. For a single 150ml can it is £4.99. I don't think this pricing is too bad if you don't go through a can too quickly.

2. Tony and Guy Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I have been using Tony and Guy dry shampoo for about 2 years now and it is my current favourite. Yet again the smell is lovely (like other tony and guy products) floral and quite 'clean' smelling but not overpowering. The great thing about this one is that it doesn't leave the matte feel to your hair like the Lee Stafford and Batiste ranges do. 

The instructions are more or less the same as the Lee Stafford, only you don't have to rub this one in with your fingers.
It doesn't leave a white/grey residue and the can itself lasts a really long time. (I've had mine for a year.)

It retails(at Boots only) for £6.49. More money than the Lee Stafford yet 50ml more product.

3. Batiste 'Blush'

I bought this dry shampoo in a 'Leeds Fest Rush' as I was in Asda the day before and needed a travel size. I could deal with 'only Baby Wipe showers' for 5 days but not greasy hair haha. :S

All I can say about this one is that it does the job. It's certainly not my favourite as the Blush smell is way too floral for me and they had no other fragrances at the time. However, at £1 for a travel size and £2.30 for a full size its a pretty good last minute bargain. If your not careful it does leave a little grey tinge to your hair, although personally I think that looks a lot more attractive than hair stuck to your head with grease!! Yum haha.

I hope this helped and you can pick out the info you want. I tend to ramble in reviews :)
Next post will be a quick swatch of the gorgeous Egerton Gardens NailsInc. polish that I'm wearing for new years. Possibly an outfit post too...


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  1. I kind of love baby powder as a dry shampoo at the moment :P I can't get these in my country ):