Friday, 6 January 2012

Boxing Day Sales

Hello Lovelies,

Being the dedicated shopper that I am, I dragged myself out of bed at 8am Boxing Day and tootled off into Leeds City Centre to brave the sales. Boy o' boy am I glad I did:)

Not only did I get to spend (too much) of my Christmas money, I also managed to pick up a few things I really wouldn't have expected to buy. (I may also have picked up a few cheeky 'non sale' items :P *oops*)

I'll start with the beauty related items as I feel this may interest you most.
My first stop was LUSH, equipped with the £15 voucher from my parents. I was so excited to find all of the Christmas gifts and products 50% off. I picked up a £35 box containing 12 things, for only £17! Amazing right?

It's called the 12 days of Christmas.
All of the products smell delicious, there isn't even the usual 'not as nice as the rest' suspect.

I also picked up an extra Cinders bath bomb :)

My Second stop was Harvey Nichols (with my £20 voucher) to visit the MAC counter. There was no sale on here, but I haven't been to MAC in ages so picked up a few items that the makeup artist (who was amazing) recommended. Everywhere else in the store was madness though, I'm talking middle aged women fighting over PRADA handbags crazy :')

I then went to Superdrug and picked up one of the Rimmel lipsticks from the Kate Moss collection and two new nail polishes.

327 Heart on Fire
520 Camouflage Chic
Lipstick 008 (I couldn't see a name)
My surprise item of the trip was actually an extra Christmas gift from my mother. I've been in need of some sturdy winter boots for a really long time as my current boots are starting to deteriorate after three loving years. I decided to go for something a little different this time. Take a look at these beauties...

How frickin' cute are they!! Now I know many people will hate these, but they are honestly so so versatile and incredibly girly of course. Its amazing how many things they go with (post soon.)

I also found these cute (slightly less daring boots) in the sale at new look for £30 (down from £70) and thought they were amazing quality for the price.

I also picked up a new handbag(pictured with docs) for £6 and an adorable jewellery stand from NEXT for £4.
This jewellery stand was originally £10 and I have been eyeing it up for ages, but could not justify the price. I jumped at the chance to buy it in the sales XD. It looks so beautiful with my earrings displayed on the mantle piece :)

That was a very long post.
It seems I went a little mad on the shopping front ;)
If you made it this far, congratulations and if you would like any in depth reviews on the items mentioned just let me know.
Did anyone else pick up some bargains in the Sales?

Much Love


  1. I LOVE the flower boots!! I have that Kate Moss Lipstick. It's a gorgeous colour and smells lovely! Great post!! x

  2. Love the Lush stuff. Check out my lush haul I did recently.


  3. Awwww all that LUSH! I should have picked that box at the sale ARGH!

  4. Ohmygod we have matching Doc Martens!! I adore them, I just wore them yesterday, haha. Beware though, they are extremely hard to break in, my feet still hurt everytime I wear them! Seems like we have the same taste haha, I love it! x

  5. I really regret not being back in Leeds in time for the sales! Everyones said they were pretty good! Love that jewellery stand and for only £4?!

  6. I'm soo jealous of all the LUSH stuff - looks so gorgeous!!

    I love the jewelry stand .. I'll need to check if you can still get it!

  7. I love boxing day sales, really want to try the mac blush xx

  8. Great buys, the lush stuff looks amazing!

  9. Argh I actually bought the lush box before Christmas... so no discount T[]T

  10. Great deal in Lush eh?! I love love love those docs, they're so incredible x

  11. i adore them boots- i have eyed them up many a time (the flowery ones<3) and some great bargains you picked up xxx

  12. Loving the boots! And really loving your photos! <3

  13. Love this post, I didn't even brave the sales. I love the boots loads <3

    thanks for your comment on my blog it was really sweet and made me smile loads xxx

  14. What is this lovely birdy print cloth/table you have pictured the make-up on? its a lovely print im obsessed with birds :p
    I managed to get a few bits in the lush sale too but left it a bit late so most of the amazing sets were gone- poo!


  15. You did really well in the sales, I barely got naything this year, I was so dissapointed.