Sunday, 29 July 2012

Holiday Outfit #1

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of posts yet again. I was going to do a Fragrance Friday post as I had scheduled then realised I had forgotten to take the pictures! Ahhh:') I was considering putting an official image up instead then decided that isn't what my blog is about. I hope you'll understand:)

 If you follow me on twitter, you'll be aware that I am currently on holiday in France. The weather has been lovely up until today when the skies just let loose and went a bit mental!
I also had to watch the Olympic opening ceremony in French, it was quite the experience. Personally I thought it was fantastic, which is saying something considering I was expecting an utter catastrophe:P Well done Boyle!

I thought I'd post a quick OOTD for you all as I have a couple of holiday snaps available.
NB: My technologically challenged mum took this picture on her camera, so apologies if it isn't 'artsy' enough ;)

H&M Hat
Primark Vest
Next Hoodie
H&M Shorts
Floozie by Frost French Flip Flops
Next Bag
H&M Sunglasses

Other than an apology for my lack of makeup and hair upkeep and my pasty legs that is all:)

Hope you are having a lovely Summer wherever you all are!
Many posts planned for when I'm back.
Much Love

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  1. Love those shorts the colour is lovely! x

    1. Thankyou! They came in loads of colours. Including a nice tartan pair! x

  2. Ahh so jealous, wish I was away on holiday right now - hope you're having fun!
    Those shorts are a gorgeous colour and I love your bag too. I've got a Next voucher to spend, might have to go have a look there for a new bag! x

  3. Wow, lovely blog!
    I'm your follower n.217 , I hope you follow me back.
    I wish you a beautiful day!

  4. looking gorgeous as always luce :D xxxxx