Tuesday, 10 July 2012

June Favourites

I know this is a little late this month, but I thought better late than never right? I have really enjoyed using so many different products this month. Much more than usual, so the video is a little rambley. June has literally flown by for me, I had my first year Uni exams at the beginning of the month so that took up a lot of my time. However, I am finally back in the swing of things with Youtube and my videos etc. Im even moving to a new blog and Youtube channel very soon.
This new blog needs a name and as much as I try, I cannot think of anything. My creativity has failed me! If any of you guys have any suggestions (silly,funny,girly or completely random) I would greatly appreciate it!

Other than that, I hope you all had a lovely June and have started the month of July off with a smiles on your faces!

Let me know what your June favourites were and link me to your posts if you have one:)
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the video!

Much Love


  1. loved the video xx

    keep up the good work!


    Natali xox

  2. I love that you know all about the ingredients in the products, it makes it so much more interesting.. Thumbs up on YT on my 3BG account xxx

  3. this video is amazing<3 you're very beautiful !