Saturday, 12 June 2010

LUSH Haul :)

Hey guys :)
So I planned to have this up on Wednesday but something came up so i didn't get the chance.
I ordered some products from lush online, so it would arrive in time for me to relax after my exams and just as i hoped it arrived the day of my last exam, only two days after i ordered it! I haven't tried it all yet but I'm sooo excited to do so :D
Here's what i got...

Honey Bee Bath Ballistic
Vanilla Fountain Bath Ballistic
Ma Bar Bubble Bar
The Comforter Bubble Bar
A Token to the Forest Gods Toner Tab
FairTrade Foot Lotion(test size)
Ultralight Moisturiser (test size)
Buffy Body Butter
Glorious Mud Shower Scrub
Stepping Stone Shower Scrub

Its a lovely lovely lovely smelling bunch of goodies:D
My room smells like Lush, its amazing!!

I bought the whole lot for around £26 as there is currently and offer on where you get 6 things for £10. It includes(from the list above): Toner Tab, Foot Lotion, Ultralight, Buffy, Stepping Stone and Glorious Mud. BARGAIN!!! I then bought the Bath Ballistics and Bubble Bars individually.

I haven't yet tried them all out so I will put up a review when i do! I've already used the Ultralight moisturiser though and it is gorrggeeouuss :) It seems a little greasy at first, but as long as you let it soak in it leaves your skin lovely and soft without giving you spots, plus its SPF 10, never a bad thing :D

Have you bought anything from Lush recently?
If so let me know :D



  1. I love reading about LUSH hauls!:D Enjoyed this one.:D

    I need to go to LUSH next month, I'm running out of soap!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Me too, thats why I did this one :) be sure to do a haul when you next go to LUSH. I'd love to see what you bought :D

  3. OMG honey bee bath bomb is the BEST one! IT's my favorite! The smell is amazinng!!!

    I have a contest going on! come check it out!