Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Hello, beautiful beautiful people :)

Im just writing a quick blog post to say, 1 EXAM LEFT!!! I mean, its Maths:/ but thats beside the point.
So tomorrow i will finally be free to blog, shop, go out, party, basically whatever i feel like :D

Thankyou everyone for putting up with the enormous gaps between posts, i promise ill step it up when exams are over.

Also, I just ordered some stuff earlier on in the week from LUSH and im soooo excited because it has just arrived :D
Haul up tomorrow night!!

I will now retire to my room to do a little more revision for Maths.
Wish me luck!!!


P.S. I want to start doing more make up tutorials but i need TIPS on how to photograph them. My camera isn't good or bad. So average lol. HELP!!!! Hopefully it will benefit you fine people as the colouring on the last tutorial DID NOT do it justice :P THANKYOUU!!!!

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