Sunday, 23 January 2011


Hello Lovelies,

As you may remember, I received LUSH cinders bath ballistic from the wonderful boyfriend for Christmas and I must say, YUMMY!! :D

It is such a lovely cinnamony/spicey/warm/sensual fragrance. I want another one :( Why must you only sell it at Christmas!! Whyyyy!!

This wonderful sphere of spice hit my bathtub and fizzed and crackled like a hot winter's fire (which I think is the point.) It filled my bathroom in a warm haze of cinnamon and soothed my poor aching limbs from the previous nights party ;) 

After the bruises and dented New Year's Pride I vowed never to dance again...I lied. haha.

I highly recommend this, as you may have noticed and I truly wish it was sold all year round.
But Hey, its something to look forward to :)

Shock Horror!! I just went to check the lush site to make sure Cinder's was discontinued(it is), only to discover their website has been hacked!
I'm sure I'm way out of the loop with this as apparently it's been a while, but I hope they catch the b**tards :')

Moving away from profanities, I hope your all having a wonderful January. I only have 1 exam left and I'm free to blog to my hearts content. so I'll see you sooooon!!
Love and Kisses


  1. gahs now after reading this post... I think I really need to go to LUSH ASAP and purchase their soaps!! <3 haha

  2. Hi Lucy :) thanks for your comment! i think i'll stay away from china glaze from now on too T_T too bad isn't it! I prefer OPI on the other hand ^_^ good luck wtih your last exam and hope to see you back with more posts :D!