Thursday, 27 January 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

And so the MAC palette returns...

As you may remember, I wrote a post about the severe lack of eyeshadows in by MAC 15 pro pan palette. I had the beautiful colour Woodwinked sitting in there all alone feeling very lost and I couldn't bare risking de potting my other colours. Now, I am pleased to say he has not one, but two new friends!!

These frosty, shimmery friends come in the form of All that Glitter's and Satin Taupe. I can safely say I am in love.

I bought these shadows on two separate occasions but decided to put them all together for today's post.

L-R Satin Taupe, All That Glitters, Woodwinked

All that Glitters- I bought this due to the insane hype around it on youtube channels and blogs everywhere. Yes, I gave into peer pressure and I am rather glad that I did too. It is a beautiful rich shimmery light bronze, that applies smoothly and wears really well. Very pleased indeed.

Satin Taupe- Surprisingly, this is actually my favourite out of the three. It is a gorgeous, medium brown with a beautiful frost too it. Definitely a good crease colour. My new staple.

If you would like any swatches let me know:)
Hope you enjoyed the update and I'll keep you posted as my Neutral palette grows :)

Much Love


  1. Ahh I'm so jealous, I really want to start my palette soon :) Lovely choices I think, I love my Satin Taupe to bits!

  2. Gorgeous shades, I love these mac palattes x

  3. Heyyy!! Thanks for the comment. Totally new to all of this. I've gave you a little follow back :-) I didn't wear that look out no, it was just a tester I done before I went to Zumba that night haha. xo

  4. Great choices, they are lovely colours. Be sure to keep us updated with others you buy.
    Kelly x

  5. @MakeYuUp They are fairly expensive. But the sheer amount of colours to choose from makes up for it. Also it doesn't matter how long it takes you to fill one :) Satin Taupe is rather lovely!!

    @Stefany Me too:) They are lovely, I can never choose!!

    @Aimee)Rourke Your very welcome.Well it was a gorgeous look but you'd have looked rather unusual turning up to Zumba in it!! aha Thankyou for following :)

    @Kelly Thankyou, it took me ages to choose!!
    I'll definitely keep you updated :D