Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sucker for Storage?

Today I went for a lovely stroll about Leeds City Centre after my LAST EXAM to celebrate :) I can't believe that after a month of no social life and 9 exams it is finally over. Party this weekend? :D 

As all of my friends are still doing exams I thought I would sit down and write about some of the lovely things I bought today with my Christmas money. I didn't brave the sales earlier this month which I am actually rather pleased about. It would have been waayyy too chaotic for my liking.

Now I am a total sucker for Stationary, Storage , pretty much anything to do with organization. ESPECIALLY Paperchase. My God I could live in that shop haha. I cannot walk by without waltzing on in to have a gander. So you can imagine the sheer delight on my face as I realised they had new prints amd collections in. Including a rather lovely bunch of organizational beauties. I just couldn't resist this...

I bought this to store makeup bits and bobs. It's the perfect size for things like eyeliner and eyeshadow's. I'm so excited to fill it up with junk!! (junk meaning obsessively tidy.)

I'm planning to do a 'tour' of my dressing table set up soon so you may be seeing this little box in use in the near future. I cannot get over just how cute it is. It has a beautiful pattern and was only £9.00. For 4 draws that's not bad in my eyes. Then again, i'll spend anything in paperchase.:P

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to purchase any of the new goodies on offer :)

Much Love



  1. Great storage idea, i am in the process of looking for a new storage for my nail varnishes.
    Can't wait to see your tour, i love seeing that stuff (because i'm nosey)
    Congrats on finishing your exams.
    Kelly x

  2. I absolutely love it!! Seriously, check out paperchase at the moment. You can't go wrong. My Nail Varnish is in a MUJI box at the moment though.
    I totally agree with the nosey thing aha it's human nature. I love watching Room Tours and Make Up Collection Videos!!
    Thankyou!! I'm so glad to be rid of them!!