Sunday, 1 May 2011

Benefit Bargain

Hello Lovelies,

I popped into Leeds City Centre today for a few essentials and maybe a few treats as well :P. All in all it was a pretty disastrous trip. However, before everything started to go a little down hill (more info on that another time) I did manage to pick up this little bargain...

Benefit Powder Pop! Travel Set.

 I was in Boots, mooching around the Benefit counter, it was lovely and quiet so the lady at the counter started chatting to me. I was in a relatively good mood so I had a little chat back (she was rather friendly) when she mentioned this. 
 I must admit, it did catch my eye :P. 3 blushes in one little box, what's not to like. I was just about to dismiss it, thinking 'you cannot spend more money on make up Lucy' when she mentioned the price. £15!!!! 
 I was shocked, I was expecting it to be around £30. Benefit is an expensive company as it is, plus the individual box powders retail at around £23 so I though it would be at least that much. To my cosmetic obsessed mind, this is a serious bargain :D
Apparently it was released at Christmas in a gift set and has been rereleased for the Summer as a travel set, at a lower price. Not sure how accurate that is but thats what I remember her saying :)

Anyway, enough of the ramble :)

The three powders it comes with are:

Coralista, a lovely coral (obviously) blush with a hint of shimmer, a gorgeous colour and my first coral blush. Very excited to try this one out.

Dandelion, a pale shimmery pink blush/highlighter. You can never go wrong with a subtle pink blush in my opinion :P

Dallas, A lovely light bronzer. My very first bronzer :O so i will let you know how I get on with this. I may be converted, or i may just stick to the old 'English Rose' look.

It also comes with a surprisingly soft and rather adorable little brush:)

So cute :D

Apparently they sell out quickly so snap it up while you can ;). Plus if you got to boots its extra points on your card. Everyone's a winner.

Much Love


  1. What a good deal!:D Enjoy all these blushes!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    What a bargain.

  3. I adore Benefit products and I really need some blush - may have to look into that. It's also nice to see another blogger from West Yorkshire - it's rare!! Following your blog :)