Monday, 16 May 2011

Battle of the Hot Cloth Cleansers

Hello Lovelies,

Today's post is about Hot Cloth cleansers, two in particular. One being my beloved 'Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish', the second being 'The Sanctuary Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser'.

I bought Liz Earle on a whim a few months ago now, after seeing it hyped up on blog posts all over the web. The hype was absolutely right as I loved it. It is probably the best cleanser I have ever tried and it lasted me 2 whole months. Which to me justifies the £11 price tag. 
As you may have noticed, I am talking in the past tense. That is because my lovely lovely cleanser ran out a few weeks ago.
I must say, it looked rather disheveled when I threw it away having been dropped a fair few times *whoops* ;)

I tootled into town pretty soon after this tragic event to do some shopping and repurchase. Cutting to the chase, I had a £5 boots voucher and ended up picking up The Sanctuary one instead. Although it retails at the same price, I only paid £6. I felt rather proud of myself for resisting Liz Earle.

So, was it worth it?

In short, no:( While they are both the same price Liz Earle is much gentler on the skin with a divine smell and can be used to remove eye makeup too.
The Sanctuary version is much harsher on the skin, cannot be used 'intentionally' on the eye area, and frankly smells rather foul. It isn't the worst cleanser I've tried and it cleans my skin well but in comparison a BIG disappointment. Especially considering I love The Sanctuary skin care as a brand.

The only reason I will let myself off for this purchase is that I was trying to save money :P
It may just be me that doesn't like the smell so who knows. Although, considering it normally retails at the same price, there is no competition.
Liz Earle for me every time.
Now I just have to save up to get a new bottle :')

Have you tried this cleanser?
Do you feel the same or am I being a tad harsh?

Much Love


  1. It's good to see a direct comparison of these 2 products, I've seen reviews of them and haven't purchased yet but I might be convinced now! Thanks xx

  2. i've always been curious over the sanctuary hot cloth cleanser, but seems i won't be anymore~~ thanks for reviewing!! =P nice post x


  3. I'm just coming to the end of my beloved liz earle hot cloth cleanser and was wondering if their was a cheaper alternative! Thanks for the review I think I'll stick to lovely liz :)
    Sometimes you can get brand new ones slightly cheaper on ebay but watch out as they often go for more than they're worth!
    Rachelle xxx

  4. Thanks for the honest reviews. I'm sorry the 2nd one did not work for you.

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I really want to try liz earl :)
    defiantely won't be trying the sanctuary one!! x

  6. That's a great review, thanks for sharing. :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. Ah this was really useful! I was thinking about buying the sanctuary one as a present but sounds like I needn't bother as the person I would buy it for loves high end products and it sounds like this doesn't quite cut it!

  8. the idea of a hot cloth cleanser appeals to me! i've sort of tried a warm foam mask and liked it!