Sunday, 15 May 2011

Scrub a' Dub Dub

Hello Lovelies,

Taking an unusual break from my rather grueling revision scheme to write a few blog posts, (I may have also done this last night whilst watching Eurovision :P )
Did any of you watch Eurovision? I was rooting for Moldova but alas to no avail. Loved the crazy hats though, I should try and start a fashion trend of cone hats at my 6thform. It would go down so well :D

Anyway, back on to today's topic. SCRUB!
The one in question being Soap & Glory's wonderful  'The Scrub of Your Life'.

The names sucker me in every time *sigh*.

This scrub not only smells divine (like their righteous body butter) it is also non greasy, so is brilliant before shaving. My pet peeve with scrubs is when you get your legs all lovely and buffed then the residue clogs up your brand new razor, graphic but true. (I'm pointing at you Flake Away :@) This one doesn't do that, yet still has the same buffing effects of things such as Lush's 'Buffy' and other slightly greasier exfoliators. I don't always need to moisturise after either, although I normally do out of habit.

All in all a wonderful product, it doesn't even hurt my sensitive skin.
It is currently on offer at Boots for £4.43 too. Bargain!

Lovely Jubbly.:)

Have you tried this scrub?
Or even had the same problem with others as I have?

Much Love

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  1. I like this scrub too.:D

    ***** Marie *****