Friday, 3 August 2012

Fragrance Friday #5

Hello Lovelies,

This week I will be reviewing...

Lovely Prism by Givency

(Sorry for the rubbish photo!)

I bought this years ago and have a little bit of a love hate relationship with it. I think the scent is nice but it might be a little old for me so I dont wear it all that often. It was also a gift from my late Grandmother when I was very young, so it holds sentimetal value.

I actually really love the packaging for this. Im not so keen on the reflective box, but the bottle itself is lovely. I really like the subtle geometrical shape that ties in nicely with the givenchy logo. It feels very sturdy and it looks really nice on display.

As I've had this for literally years and years (I think it was my first perfume) I have no idea of the price. Although it is an Eau de Toilette so I don't imagine it was hugely expensive.

There is nothing special about this scent to me. It is a lot more floral than I normally like which I think adds to the fact I think it is slightly old for me. I do like it although I would describe it as an expensive soap smell. So very fresh and clean, but not something I would normally choose in a perfume. That is personal opinion though, some of you may find this your perfect scent.

Final Thoughts
Overall, this is a nice perfume with lovely packaging, although nothing special. It is slightly too floral for my taste but if thats what you normally look for in a perfume you would probably enjoy this :)

Much Love


  1. I really like the design of the packaging :) Its so simple and classy hehe. I also fall for perfumes for their bottles most of the time. Thanks for the review and i get what you mean by some fragrances smelling too floral for your liking; i personally like the fresh scents :P xoxo

  2. Nice review , its amazing how scents can evoke such memories xx

  3. I really love the bottle, so pretty! I love when scents have such happy memories attached to them! xo

  4. I've never seen this one before

    NRC ♥

  5. this does not sound like my cup of tea at all, i hate floral scents! but its so cute you have memories attached to it :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx miss you!!!

  6. Pretty bottle! I'll have to give it a whiff sometime!