Friday, 17 August 2012

Skincare Routine: Dry/Sensitive

Hello Lovelies,

I have a video for you today on my current skincare routine. I filmed this a while ago but never got around to editing it *oops!*
I have very dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin, yet I have large pores around my t-zone area (graphic but true.) Aside from this, I am very lucky as I rarely get spots, other than the occasional hormonal break out. I have really been focusing a lot more on my skin recently and trying to form more of a regimental routine that I am trying my best to stick to:P. Since filming this video I have added Bioderma Crealine H20 to my skincare, along with a few other things which I will post more on soon. All the information about where to get the products I mentioned is in the info bar on Youtube :)

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Much Love



  1. Loved this video! I have the same type of skin as yours and this has given me some ideas to try when I've finished some of my products! You have lovely skin BTW, so flawless! I've done a similar skincare routine post on my blog so if you have time feel free to check it out! xx

  2. I have combination skin so it was great to see what you like and what products may not work on me! I also love your fringe! I've had one all my life so love a hairstyle with a good fringe :P
    Becky xoxo