Friday, 24 August 2012

Fragrance Friday #7

Hello Lovelies,

How are you all today? Good I hope :) I'm currently sat on my bed completely exhausted from a rather busy day volunteering. I also need to cram in some Uni work before I go to bedfordshire! I would much rather be doing something that being sat around all day though:) Without further ado, it's time for another Fragrance Friday post.

Today I will be reviewing...

Dreams Unlimited by The Body Shop

This perfume was actually part of a gift set for Christmas a few years back. Its a fairly different scent to what I would normally go for however I still use it when I fancy something really fresh and light to wear.

I don't dislike the packaging although it isn't overly fancy. I personally like really girly detailed perfume bottles although some of you may really like the simplicity of this one. It is a lovely curvy bottle with a sturdy silver lid. Nothing to write home about, but lovely non the less.

This is a bargain at £14 and its an Eau de Parfum! I simply cannot fault the price as, like most Eau de Parfums the scent stays on the skin for a long time. Total bargain!

I actually really enjoy this scent although it isn't like the sweet and fruity perfumes I normally go for. I would describe this as a very fresh citrusy scent with a hint of melon. It is described as a fresh, white scent on The Body Shop website which I would have to agree with. It also has Green Chilli in it which I think is pretty cool. This is definitely a day time Summer fragrance.

Final Thoughts
Overall I find this perfume a lovely fresh Summer fragrance when I fancy something a little different. The price is fantastic and it has a lot of staying power. Perfect for the beach and a lovely, fresh zingy scent :)

Do you have a favourite Summer fragrance?
Much Love


  1. Ooh I've not tried this one before, will have to pop in and have a sniff because I really like a lot of The Body Shop scents! xo

    1. Its really nice! So inexpensive and it lasts really well on the skin! Let me know if you try it out :)


  2. This sounds like a gorgeous scent for summer! I've been loving J-Lo summer glow xxx

  3. Thanks for the review- sounds like a good one, will have to give it a try!

    Be Frassy