Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow

Good Morning Lovelies,
 I woke up today with a real urge to curl my hair, I went to reach for my trusty, multifunctional GHD's then happily remembered I had been bought a set of Babyliss heated rollers for Christmas.
I have used them before, once or twice (with help) but what better time to master the art of the heated roller on a Sunday. If it turned nasty, I'd have nowhere important to go. 

So I apologise for the clothing and lack of makeup as I hadn't got to that point yet, but here are some pictures of  my hair in progress :)

(Notice the totally awesome baby photo:P)
Now I have rather fine, medium length hair, which drops curl really easily. Its a right pain in the butt to be honest and this means extra time in the rollers and one hell of a lot of hairspray is needed. Other than that, I am rather pleased with the result :D

The rollers themselves take no time at all to heat up and once you get the hang of it they are really quite easy to use. They do get pretty hot and you have to be careful not to burn your fingers (I learned the hard way.)
The only downside I would say, is that they are fairly heavy. Considering you must leave them in until the indicator roller turns from white to red (10-15 minutes) it can start to hurt your neck.
The price we pay for luscious locks aye?

All in all I absolutely love these curlers and at around £25 for a set of 20 they are very reasonably priced. 
I'd love to try out cloud nines at some point if I have the money, but for now these are perfect :)

Have you tried the Babyliss or Cloud Nine Rollers?
What did you think?

Much Love


  1. Love your hair! My hair drops after 30 minutes, so annoying! Can't believe those curlers are so reasonably priced!

  2. Curls looks gorgeous on you!!!! You have beautiful hair (:

  3. @Danielle I know, It looks all lovely jubbly when you've just done it, then you head out to a party and they've dropped by the time you get there!! They are quite the bargain :D

    @Marisa Thankyou, so sweet. It looks a lot thicker here because of the curls :)


  4. You've got gorgeous hair! Those hot rollers look like they work pretty well :)

  5. Thankyou :)
    They are brilliant!! Especially for the price.