Thursday, 24 February 2011

GOSH Eyebrow Palette.

Hello Lovelies,

I went shopping in town not too long ago to pick up a few essentials and some other goodies, and as I was pondering in Superdrug I came across this little beauty.

Its the GOSH brow kit and I bought it for the introductory offer of around £6!!

 It comes with three different shades an eyebrow wax and an AMAZING brush.

Now I don't normally like the brushes that come in palettes as I prefer to use my own but this one is perfect. Its nice and dense and applies beautifully. I use the lightest colour on my brows and simply stroke it on then set it with the wax. My Mum uses the darkest colour that I don't need so it works for both of us without arguments:) (I personally think that means I can slash the price in half, as two people, maybe even three can use it) £2 you can't go wrong ;)

Anyway, here is a picture with(left) and without(right) the palette.
I have rather sparse eyebrows so its nice to fix them so quickly in the morning. You could also darken it up a little to frame the eyes for a more dramatic look :)

But for now Im going for nice and natural yet defined.

I absolutely love this palette and would honestly recommend it to everyone as you can also mix the shades to create your perfect colour.
Super Easy, Super quick AND Affordable
What's not to love?


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