Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OOTE Party Party and a little more Party.

Hello Lovelies,

Just a quick outfit post showing you all what I ended up wearing on Friday night a couple of weeks ago. I actually wrote a quick Polyvore post mentioning I didn't want to wear a dress. Well, that went out of the window! It was also my first ever experience with heels, I fell in love with the look, definitely not the feel aha. OUCH!!! :')

Without further ado...

I happen to have rather rosy cheeks here due to the serious amount of laughter erupting from me and my lovely friend Charlotte before this photo was taken.
Dress - French Connection
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Ring - George@Asda
Coloured Bracelets - French Connection
Silver Bracelets - Next
Earring - George@Asda
Cardigan - West One

A quick action shot of our amazing dance skills :')
Ohh the concentration on my face aha.

Much Love

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