Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Friday Night

I have a dilemma, I bought the heels (my first EVER pair) in the middle of this picture from Dorothy Perkins last week. I wore them that night with a lovely floaty Chiffon dress and black tights. Which I personally thought looked lovely.
Now being 5' 11" I tower in these heels at around 6' 2" so bare in mind that I will be rather tall in whatever I end up wearing :')
Aside from that, I have a party coming up on Friday night and I don't want to wear a dress. I was thinking jeans and a sequined waistcoat. I haven't got many dressy items in my wardrobe and I don't want to purchase anything else, clothes wise this month.
So, looking at my wardrobe  I came up with this. 
I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to fashion, Im more a cosmetics kinda girl, so any suggestions would be wonderful.
Thank you :D



  1. you're so tall! give me some height! :) nice inspiration for your outfit on friday. :)

  2. Aha its a blessing and a burden!!
    Thankyou :)

  3. OMG this ring is sooooo amazing!!